Unique features

Innovative Nordic bed design to give you a good night's sleep.

Optimal relaxation and great sleep

We all have a basic need for sleep. We spend a third of our lives in bed and a good night's sleep gives us the energy we need in our everyday life. To get the best relaxation and the best sleep, it is important to have a bed that can be adjusted to match your individual sleeping position. With a personalized Wonderland bed, your body can recover and you will wake up feeling refreshed, energized and ready for a new day."

Your sleeping position

Most of us prefer sleeping on the side, which means the stress on our hip and shoulder increases. By adjusting the hip zone of your mattress, you will rest comfortably, with the correct support for your back and shoulders.

Adjustable firmness

A personalized bed to meet your needs

By adjusting the firmness in the bottom frame, you can regulate how deep your hip will sink into the mattress. A correct sleeping position gives optimal support and relaxation for your muscles, back and shoulders. 

Washable textiles

A fresh and healthy sleeping environment

A clean and fresh bed helps you to get a better night's sleep. Therefore, our textiles are removable and washable at 60°C. Splittable zippers make the washing easy with a regular washing machine.

  • Shoulder zone

    Shoulder zone

    Wonderland's beds are designed to give your body the best relaxation possible. Most of us prefer to sleep on the side, which means there is an increased pressure on the shoulder. Therefore, all our beds have a softer shoulder zone, allowing your shoulder to sink into the mattress to ensure your neck and back get the correct position and the best relaxation.

  • Edge stability

    Edge stability

    Uninterrupted sleep is important. In a Wonderland bed, you will sleep better even if you are often moving around when sleeping. We have a unique patented method to mold the pocket springs together with the filling. This gives the mattress great edge stability with the pocket spring comfort and support all the way out to the edge of the mattress.

  • Reversible mattress

    Reversible mattress

    If you rotate and turn your mattress regularly, you will prolong the life of your bed. You can turn the mattress upside down or rotate it head to toe. By turning the mattress a couple of times each year, you will have a bed that provide the same high level of comfort for many years to come.

Unique craftsmanship

Regardless of what kind of Wonderland bed you choose, it is the result of our extensive knowledge, innovative design and our unique craftsmanship.

Unique craftsmanship

High quality beds from Norway

High quality in both production and materials has always been a top priority for us. We are very proud of our Norwegian produced quality beds and our commitment to make unique beds for unique people. Our skilled staff make sure all our beds are built with good sleep and rest in mind. 

Perfected springs for everyone

The feeling of comfort you get from a bed depends on the quality of springs and choice of materials. The number of spring coils determines the pressure distribution, but good springs should also offer flexibility.

Wonderlandts pocket springs are top quality where each coil is tempered for a longer life and encased in a fabric pocket. At an outstanding total of eight turns, our most exclusive springs are carefully designed with variable resistance to provide maximum support and pressure relief. 


Firmness levels

Wonderland beds are available in up to four firmness levels. The ability to choose between soft, medium, firm and extra firm makes it easy to find the perfect bed for your body and your individual sleeping position.

From order to delivery

Regardless of what kind of Wonderland bed you choose, it is the result of our extensive knowledge, innovative design and unique craftsmanship. Get the best relaxation and sleep with a Wonderland bed that matches your individual sleeping position.