Wonderland W14 Continental bed
Wonderland W14 Continental bed
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Wonderland W14 Continental bed

Wonderlands top model with Sensitive Pocket will give you a completely new and unique support.
With four times as many pocket springs, you will get a sleep comfort that feels both steady and smooth. The larger number of springs, will into the smallest little detail, give you the best pressure relief.
With the adjustable hip zone, you can adjust the firmness to meet your individual needs. The shoulder zone will ensure that your neck and shoulder have the correct position and can get the best relaxation.
All our mattresses are reversible to maintain the high level of comfort year after year. To give you a fresh and clean sleeping environment, all the textiles are removable and washable at 60°C.

Product Facts
Main mattress
Sensitive Pocket, 11 coils
Frame mattress
Sensitive Pocket, 11 coils
Latex 2,5 cm
Washable textiles
Yes, all textiles
Pocket, wooden frame with resilient slat suspension and adjustable firmness
Comfort level
Height without legs (cm)

Unique features

  • Adjustable hip zone
  • Washable textiles
  • Shoulder zone
  • Reversible

Main mattress firmness

  • Medium
  • Firm

Size (cm)

  • 160x200
  • 180x200
  • 180x210
  • 210x210
  • Adjustable hip zone

    The key to getting a good night's sleep is to find a sleeping position where your spine is as straight as possible. With our adjustable hip zone, you can adjust the firmness to meet your individual needs. Your back and shoulders will get the correct support and you will wake up refreshed and ready for a new day.

  • Shoulder zone

    Most of us prefer to sleep on the side, which means there is an increased pressure on the shoulder. Therefore, all our beds have a softer shoulder zone, allowing your shoulder to sink into the mattress to ensure your neck and back get the correct position and the best relaxation.

  • Reversible

    If you rotate and turn your mattress regularly, you will prolong the life of your bed. You can turn the mattress upside down or rotate it head to toe. By turning the mattress a couple of times each year, you will have a bed that provide the same high level of comfort for many years to come.

  • Washable textiles

    A clean bed helps you to get a better night's sleep. Dust and dust mites are naturally occurring in our environment but can be removed or reduced with proper care and with washing at a higher temperature. That is why we made the textile covers on the Wonderland beds removable and washable at 60°C. Splittable zippers make the washing easy with a regular washing machine.

  • Main mattress

    Sensitive Pocket, give you a whole new sleeping comfort. With four times as many pocketsprings, you will get the feeling of a solid and tranquil bed that provides perfect pressure relief.

  • Frame mattress

    With Sensitive Pocket in both the main- and frame mattress, you will get an an exceptional sleeping comfort.

  • Filling

    A soft, durable and highly flexible latex that smoothly follows the contours of your body. With excellent ventilating and resilient properties, latex will give you the best sleeping climate and comfort.

  • Main mattress firmness

    We spend a third of our lives in bed. It is important to find the bed that suits your personal needs. Only you can decide whether the bed feels comfortable.

  • Frame

    An extra layer of Pocket, resilient slat suspension and adjustable firmness in the hip zone, provide a highly personalized sleeping comfort.

  • Warranty

    Wonderland's high-quality products are constructed to provide you with a great sleeping and resting comfort for many years. We have 25 years guarantee against spring and frame breakage.

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