PULSE latex in our top mattresses

SonoCore is the latest technology for the production of latex which is used for PULSE latex, Wonderland uses it in all latex top mattresses.

By combining new latex compound formulation with the brand new SonoCore technology, Pulse is the revolution in latex.

The softest, most resilient, best ventilating, strongest and most durable latex ever made. Pulse latex also has a perfectly balanced microclimate and moisture regulation thanks to the excellent ventilation of the latex structure.

Advantages for your sleeping comfort?

  • Gives you a high level of comfort and is very durable at the same time
  • Has excellent ventilating due to many small microscopic air chambers
  • Is flexible and follows the contours of your body smoothly
  • Is very resilient, and that’s a benefit for your sleeping comfort

Of course you can try the Wonderland top mattresses with Pulse latex at your Wonderland retailer.

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