Wonderlands top mattress –
a pure wellness

Our innovative top mattresses will help you to get the perfect sleeping climate throughout the whole night.

Innovative textiles

Our Superior Top Mattress has a temperature-regulating textile 37°, to keep your body temperature at an optimal level - not too hot and not too cold. Perfect for warm summer nights. You can also choose our Rapid Dry textile that gives an efficient ventilation and moisture transportation.

A fresh and healthy sleeping environment

A clean and fresh bed helps you to get a better night's sleep. Therefore, all our textiles are removable and washable at 60°C. Splittable zippers make the washing.

Pulse Latex - the latest in foam technology

The main function of a top mattress is to provide a soft, healthy and comfortable sleeping comfort. With a Pulse Latex mattress, you will get the latest in mattress foam technology. Pulse Latex has an unique quality that offers exceptional ventilation, humidity control, flexibility, pressure relief and durability.

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