Film premiere

"Wonderland presents three new films, produced and made here in Åndalsnes."

“Everyone who has contributed to our new films lives here in the area. Together with the whole film crew, we had our pre-premiere here at Wonderland”, Kurt Arild Dahle, marketing manager at Wonderland, explains.

“With the first film, we set focus on how important sleep is for our health and quality of life. We all have a busy everyday life, and when we have slept well, it is easier to deal with all the small and big challenges.”

“We also want to set focus on our work with sustainable development. The unique features of a Wonderland bed will help you to maintain and adapt your bed. This will give the same sleeping comfort for many years to come”, Kurt Arild Dahle at Wonderland explains.

Big thanks to:

Anunatak, script and project management.
Raymond Aasen, film.
Sigmund Ruud, animation.
Filip Eidsvåg, music.
Daniella Liaris, English voice. 
Elin Herjehagen, Norwegian voice.

Mein Kleiva. Alf Hanekamhaug.
Mie, Lukas, Viola, Trym, Albertine and Ask.

Photo: Pre-premiere with the film crew.
Photographer: Evy Kavli, Åndalsnes Avis. 

Life offers t all.
Sleep gets you ready for more:

We care. About you.
About your sleep. About the planet:

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