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Made in Norway

Beds of Norway

Wonderland’s beds are produced in Åndalsnes in Norway
We want to contribute to a world that sleeps better
by making beds that will provide the best foundation for
good sleep and recovery.

The bed’s importance
for your sleep quality

The bed quality and the comfort level is important to get the best sleep quality. The better comfort level you choose, the more resilience, support and pressure relief the bed can provide. With Wonderland's unique features, your body can rest longer in the deep sleep. You will get a calmer sleep with better sleep quality, relaxation and recovery.

Do you have a favorite sleeping position?

Remember to try the bed in the same sleeping position
to determine if the bed suits you.

Adjustable hip zone

adjustable hip zone

Adjust the firmness to your personal needs. Provides calmer sleep with better recovery.

Washable textiles

washable textile

Provide a sleep environment that always can be clean and healthy.

Shoulder zone

shoulder zone

Less pressure against the shoulder and better relaxation for your back and neck.

Reversible mattress

reversible mattress

Extends the lifespan of the bed and gives the same quality, year after year.

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