How do i choose the right bed?

The better comfort level you choose, the more resilience, support and pressure relief the bed will provide. When looking for a new bed, you can compare what kind of pocket spring, filling and top mattress the different bed models have.

Pocket spring

Wonderland Pocket springs are available in four comfort levels. In a continental bed, there can be different types of pocket springs in the main and the bottom mattress. Exclusive and Sensitive Pocket are spring systems that will give you the best foundation for good sleep and recovery.


Our mattresses have either Latex or Welun filling. Latex is the most exclusive material that will provide great resilience and pressure relief.

Top mattress

Choose between Pulse Latex and Hyperflex. Pulse Latex is an exclusive material that will provide a perfect sleeping climate.


Do you have a favourite position when you sleep? Remember to try the bed in the same sleeping position to determine if the bed suits you.

If you prefer to sleep on your side, you can check that your spine is resting in a straight position. When you find a bed that is perfect for you, the shoulder zone will help your shoulder to get down into the mattress. In order to let your spine rest in a straight position, your hip needs the correct support to avoid it sinking too deep into the mattress.

If you choose a Wonderland bed with an adjustable hip zone, you can at any time adjust the firmness of the bed. This makes it much easier to choose the right bed!

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