How do I assemble my new Wonderland bed?

Follow these simple steps to assemble your Wonderland bed. 

A continental bed has four reversible mattresses, that are called pocket cassettes. When you have mounted the bed legs to the bottom frames, you put the pocket cassettes marked with BASE on top on the wooden bottom frames. The pocket cassettes marked with a firmness, for example MEDIUM or FIRM, will be placed on the top, closest to the top mattress.

Depending on which model you choose, the continental bed has one, two or three covers. If your bed has several covers, the cover with Velcro straps will be placed over the BASE pocket cassettes. Attach the Velcro straps underneath the wooden bottom frame.

Here you will find manuals for all our models

Assemble the continental bed
1: Wooden bottom frame.
2: Pocket cassettes marked with BASE.
3: Pocket cassettes marked with a firmness.

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