Who can I contact
regarding claims?

We have a very high standard of all parts in our Wonderland beds and therefore we have very few product claims. If you do have problems or any product claims, please contact the store where you have purchased the bed. 

The store will make a product claim and send it to our customer service for evaluation. To make the product claim process easier, we recommend that you check the following before submitting the claim: 

  1. Is the complaint regarding a purchase within the 5 year guarantee against material and manufacturing defaults?
  2. Do you have the receipt to send with the claim? If you do not have the receipt, ask the store if they have it registered.  
  3. Is the complaint clearly described? Please add pictures (or a video) and a clear description. Is the complaint regarding any sinking in the reversible mattress? Please follow the instructions below.

How to meassure if the mattress has sunk in the middle

  • Remove the cover and take the pocket cassette core out and place it on the floor. 
  • Put a list or something straight like a broom handle across the mattress.
  • Measure the depth and take a clear picture that shows the measurement. 

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