What firmness should I choose?

Most of our beds have three firmness levels to choose from: Medium, Firm and Extra firm. To find which firmness level that is the best for you, you should try the bed in the same position that you prefer when going to sleep. 

If you prefer to sleep on your side, you should check that your spine is as straight as possible. 

  • The shoulder zone must be soft to help the shoulder getting further down into the mattress. 
  • The hip zone must provide the right support to avoid that your hip sinks too deep. 
A correct sleeping position
When you find the firmness that is the right one for you, your hip gets the correct support and your spine can be straight. This provides better relaxation, a calmer sleep and a better sleep quality.

Adjustable hip zone

With Wonderland's adjustable hip zone, you can always adjust the firmness of the bed. This makes it easier to choose the right bed and the right firmness!

More information:
• How to adjust the hip zone

Adjustable hip zone

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