100% renewable energy at our production facility in Norway

"With locally produced hydropower, our production facility in Norway solely relies on renewable energy."

"To choose hydropower for our production facility, is just one of our many efforts to reduce our environmental impact. The hydropower we use, is also locally produced by the several hydropower plants in our area. A clean, flexible and reliable power source for the Wonderland production facility," says Kurt Arild Dahle, head of marketing at Wonderland.

Did you know that:

  • Hydropower produces no air pollutants and shows the lowest Green House Gases (GHG) emission of all power generation technologies.
  • 99 per cent of all power generation in Norway comes from hydropower.
  • Close to 50 per cent of the hydropwer reservoir capacity in Europe, comes from Norway.
  • Norway's share of renewable energy is 106 per cent, compared to other European countries that have a renewable share of 13-31 per cent.

Source: Statkraft.com

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