Wonderland Ambassador of Sleep

Life offers it all. Sleep gets you ready for more.

Sleep, health and quality of life

For many years, Wonderland has collaborated with the foremost sleep scientists to understand what happens when we sleep. With Wonderland Ambassador of Sleep, we want to focus on how important sleep and recovery is for our health and our quality of life.

Meet our sleep ambassadors

Wonderland’s sleep ambassadors are our team and our role models. What can we learn from those who have to perform at the highest level every day? What experiences do they have that we can all make use of? Meet our sleep ambassadors and learn how you can perform at your best and prioritise sleep, recovery and relaxation.

Emelie Forsberg
Professional mountain runner, world champion and European champion in her sport. Born and raised in Sweden, she now lives in Romsdalen in Norway.

Rannveig Aamodt
Professional climber and photographer. She grew
up in Romsdalen, Norway, and is now living in
Colorado, USA.

life offers it all.
sleep gets you ready for more.

When we sleep well, it is easier to handle the everyday challenges in life. We get more energy, feeling more refreshed, and we can get ready for a new, active day. Life offers a lot. Everything, actually. Sleep gets you ready for more.

Rannveig Aamodt,
professional climber and sleep ambassador for Wonderland:

"A good night’s sleep sets the foundation for everything. If I sleep too little for longer periods, the quality of my training decreases. Getting enough sleep is important to be able to perform at your best. Not only as a professional athlete. It is important for all uf us in our everyday lives."
Photo: Terje Aamodt.