Wonderland – a bed for life

We all have a basic need for sleep. We spend a third of our lives in bed and a good night’s sleep gives us the energy we need in our everyday life. When you find a bed that is the right one for you, you will discover the true value of a good night’s sleep – wake up refreshed, with a relaxed body filled with energy.

Optimal relaxation

In order to sleep well through the night, it is important that your muscles can get the best relaxation. The key to getting a good night’s sleep is to find a sleeping position where your spine is as straight as possible. With Wonderland’s adjustable hip zone, you can adjust the firmness under your hip to match your individual sleeping position. Together with Wonderland’s softer shoulder zone that allows your shoulder to sink into the mattress, you can get a sleeping position that will give you the best relaxation and the best sleep.

Tips when buying a bed

  • Try out the bed in a store
  • Focus on your sleeping position
  • Make sure your back is straight
  • Get the right pillow for your neck position

Features to look for when choosing a new bed

  • Adjustable hip zone:
    Adjust the firmness to match your individual sleeping position.
  • Shoulder zone:
    Relieve the strain on your shoulder and get the correct neck position.
  • Washable textiles at 60°C: 
    A fresh and healthy sleeping environment at all times.
  • Reversible mattress:
    Keep the same high level of comfort for many years to come.
  • Edge stability:
    The pocket spring comfort all the way out to the edge of the mattress.